Purchased as a present, Jack Russell Terrier cross Ella met the same fate of many other ‘gift puppies’ and found herself in a rescue when her owners broke up.

The Mayhew Animal Home was initially unable to take her in, being overrun at full capacity by other needy animals right before Christmas. However, when her owner began trying to surrender Ella to members of the public, the Home became concerned she may become a ‘gift puppy’ again over Christmas – a sad trend years of campaigning haven’t been unable to put an end to – and accepted to take her in.

“The Mayhew has been inundated with the number of dogs and puppies being abandoned at the end of last year and beginning of this year,” a statement reads. “The situation, caused by owners no longer able to keep or look after their pets, has meant there is no space for serious welfare cases to come in.”

Thankfully, little Ella thrives in the attention she received from the Mayhew staff and was soon off to her forever home, with a new owner who has since renamed her Pippa. It’s no wonder she was snatched up quickly: who could possibly resist her?

Image by the Mayhew Animal Home.


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