Billie Kinder was a highly talented horse rider and gifted writer. The young equestrian had won show jumping championships, and had also been awarded an academic scholarship for high school based on her outstanding writing ability.

Billie dreamed of writing a book and was destined to do something amazing, but, aged just 12, her life was tragically cut short in a horse accident in May last year.

Following her death, Billie’s mother Danny Mayson-Kinder published an anthology of her daughter’s poems and illustrations under the title ‘HOPE’, to fulfill her daughter’s dream.

A British citizen, Billie’s book was originally sold in Australia, but is now selling internationally in more than 12 countries including the UK, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and the US. All profits are going to charities through the Billie Kinder Foundation to help young people in palliative care or who need assistance dogs. 

Billie’s book ‘HOPE’ is a collection of her poems and drawings

The first donation went to Bear Cottage in Sydney, a palliative care home for children and their families, to pay for their resident dog Frankie. A Seizure Response Dog has also been secured for a six-year-old who suffers with epilepsy and the third donation went to Assistance Dogs Australia towards a dog for a child with Autism. 

In the UK, the Billie Kinder Foundation has made its first donation towards a puppy – named Hope – for Dogs for Good, and will help fund assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and a range of conditions including autism.

A donation from the Billie Kinder Foundation went to Dogs For Good’s new puppy, Hope (pictured)

Stephanie Lawless, Community Fundraising Manager at Dogs for Good said, “We are delighted that Dogs for Good will be supported through the promotion and sales of Billie’s book, HOPE. Dogs for Good trains dogs to support people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and a range of conditions including autism. We are grateful to be part of Billie’s legacy here in the UK.”

Through her writing, Billie is also providing hope to many. Testimonials from parents say Billie’s book has helped their children with their lack of confidence, anxiety and depression, and some schools in Australia are even using the book to talk about issues such as death and bullying.

Billie’s mother, Danny Mayson-Kinder says, “Children really seem to relate to a child’s voice and identify with Billie’s thoughts on the deeper issues and this book is giving parents/guardians the opportunity to talk to them about these subjects.  As parents we know that much of today’s problems could be prevented if addressed early, rather than escalating to mental conditions and bullying situations. 

“When we first thought of publishing Billie’s writing we couldn’t imagine just how the book would take off, but it has created its own momentum with families, libraries and we are now also hearing from orphanages.  To be able to support the provision of Response Dogs to help young people in need is a wonderful legacy and we know that Billie would have been proud to be helping other children.” 

Billie pictured with her sister Charlie and their family dogs

One testimonial read:

“I don’t know what it was that struck a chord with me – perhaps it was that Lucy will soon be Billie’s age, the fact that the money would go to help people with the help of animals, her parents or the fact that Billie was actually extraordinary. The topics are relevant to us as Mums teaching and guiding our children through life seen through a child’s eyes. I thought it would be something Lucy would relate to. Well it’s made a huge impact. After the first poem Lucy and I were in tears together and then we talked.”

To find out more and order your copy, visit Billie’s website


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