North Devon-based charity Dogs Helping Kids (DHK) is launching its Child Ambassador programme, designed to “educate children on becoming the next generation of amazing dog owners”.

DHK works to train and assess dogs to work in schools and libraries with children and teenagers as educational and therapeutic aids. The DHK Child Ambassador 12-16 week programme, with four educational sections covering the basics of dog welfare – Respect, Bond, Speak, Needs. It will teach groups of up to 6 children aged between 8 and 11 years old, with the assistance of a trained dog and his owner.

At the end of the programme, participating children will demonstrate the dog training they have learnt, and receive a certificate of achievement, a DHK Ambassador wristband and a DHK Ambassador card.

The scheme will launch in Bampton, Devon, on Saturday 18 February, at  and is expected to go nationwide soon. For more information, visit the DHK website.

Image courtesy of DHK.


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