When Bubba came to Sacramento SPCA, it was clear he hadn’t been receiving the proper care. He was suffering from severe demodectic mange which had left him almost completely bald and covered in sores. As he was too ill to find a new home, a foster family have come forward to help Bubba on his road to recovery.

Husband and wife, Matt and Melissa Roberts, have fostered nearly 40 animals in the last decade, some with demodectic mange, but Bubba was the worst case they had ever seen.

As well as having demodectic mange, Bubba was lethargic. Credit: @Bubbabouncesback/Instagram

Matt says, “He is the third or maybe fourth demodectic mange case we’ve fostered so be sure he is in good hands. He had open wounds all over his body and ten times as many scabs which he would just reopen from scratching. The shirt proved to be a good buffer and he has healed up to the point he is no longer using it. He is on the usual antibiotic regimen as well as twice weekly medicated baths. He is under the direction of the chief veterinarian at the SPCA and goes in every two weeks for skin scrapes to monitor the situation.”

Bubba wears a t-shirt to help his skin heal. Credit: @bubbabouncesback/Instagram

Melissa had previously worked for the Sacramento SPCA and decided to stay in touch by becoming a foster parent for animals who are too sick or young for adoption. As they wish to continue fostering and helping other animals, they cannot adopt Bubba but they hope he finds the home he deserves soon once he’s recovered.

Bubba has been living with the couple for three weeks now and they expect him to stay another month or two. As well as a severe skin condition, Bubba was incredibly lethargic and sleeping all of the time, but he’s been recovering well. Melissa has documented his progress through Bubba’s own Instagram account @bubbabouncesback.

Bubba’s hair has begun to grow back revealing his true brindle beauty. Credit: @bubbabouncesback/Instagram

Matt adds, “While he looks better, the condition usually lasts for 2-3 months, especially in the awful condition he was in to start. He has to be fully cleared from this condition by the chief vet at the Sacramento SPCA before he is eligible for adoption, but we are confident he will find that home right when he’s eligible, he’s such a gentle giant for still being in the puppy phase.”

Credit: @bubbabouncesback/Instagram

Melissa and Matt will also be fundraising in Bubba’s name for the SPCA during the charity’s annual Doggy Dash. They are hoping to raise $2000 towards animals in the shelter’s care. Go here if you would like to donate.



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