The Mayhew Animal Home is one of the most well-known London charities, but its work goes well beyond the city, with projects and programmes to help animals around the globe. The Mayhew International Veterinary Training Programme, for instance,  aims to promote safe and secure neutering techniques and to encourage the advancement of animal welfare abroad through education. It is designed for veterinary personnel from overseas who wish to promote  animal welfare in their country, working with them to “introduce long-term programmes for the development of animal welfare in their local communities”.

The first participant this year was Dr. Ioannis Fouskis, who is a private vet in Crete, Greece.  He volunteers for Crete Animal Welfare Society, and has now spent two weeks training with the Mayhew staff. Some of the subjects covered included pre- and post-operative care, protocols and techniques for improved animal handling, efficient sterilisation techniques and pain management.

“I first heard about The Mayhew through the charities I help and volunteer for in Crete and thought it was a great opportunity to learn from The Mayhew about the different techniques they use for dog castration and spaying cats,” Dr. Fouskis said. “I have learnt a lot about the improved handling and treatment of animals before and after surgery, also the sterilisation techniques they use. I have learnt skills and techniques that I can take away with me and show other vets working at the charities I volunteer for.

“I really appreciated the veterinary nurses that worked at The Mayhew. In Greece I don’t have any veterinary nurses to help me during surgery, but I’m now considering training a nurse when I get back.”

The Mayhew’s Head Vet, Dr. Ursula Goetz MRCVS, GP Cert (SAS), said, “Dr. Ioannis was keen to learn and a real joy to work with. We hope that by providing further training, Dr. Ioannis will promote animal welfare and pass on what he has learnt at The Mayhew to the charities he helps.

“We believe that The Mayhew International Veterinary Training Programme enables veterinary professionals to return to their countries not only with enhanced veterinary skills, but also with a foundation in animal welfare and humane education that in time can be built upon to influence the attitudes of people to help relieve the suffering of animals all over the world.”

Images by The Mayhew Animal Home.


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