An emaciated dog found shivering and soaking wet in a muddy field on Sunday night is now recovering at Dogs Trust Leeds.

Rain was spotted by a member of the public just before 11pm in the field in Gildersome and was taken to the York Road rehoming centre, where she was immediately seen by a vet.

After being found cold and wet, Rain is enjoying snuggling up on a big comfy quilt. Credit: Dogs Trust

Amanda Sands, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Leeds, said, “She was in such a state when she was brought to us, very frightened and timid which is no surprise given she obviously hasn’t been looked after for some time.

“Her ribs are clearly visible so there has been severe neglect. She is significantly underweight, weighing only about three-quarters of what she should. Rain is also quite weak so she is having four meals a day to help her gain weight and strength.”

The team believe Rain is only around a year old and has already had at least one litter of puppies. She was found without a collar or tag and isn’t microchipped.

The team are keeping a close eye on what Rain eats to help make sure she begins to gain weight and strength. Credit: Dogs Trust

Amanda says, “She is such a young dog and at her age should be full of bounce and confidence so it’s really sad to see her this way, but we’re hoping over the next few days her true personality will start to shine through.

“She is now getting lots of care and attention from the staff, she has a big, warm, soft bed to sleep in and is being taken on nice, gentle walks – everything all dogs should have the chance to enjoy.

“In a few days she’ll be ready to head off to a new home where she will get all the love and kindness she deserves, so we’re now just waiting for her special someone to come to visit.”

To find out more about Rain, please call the centre on 0300 303 0292 or visit her at Dogs Trust Leeds, Woodlands Farm, York Road, Leeds, LS15 4NL. 


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