As the most romantic day of the year drew to a close, one hound had become unlucky in love.

The one-year-old had been abandoned in East End Park, Leeds, with a note tied around her neck that simply said, “I am Lara”. She was taken in and cared for by Dogs Trust Leeds, but it wasn’t long before Lara found love again.

The crossbreed has been given her furry-tail ending thanks to Sita Brand and her husband Graham, who visited the centre after considering adopting a dog for several years.

Lara ready to head home with new owners Sita Brand and Graham

Sita says, “It was wonderful! As soon as we saw her walking towards us it really was love at first sight! We didn’t think we’d meet a dog that was ideal for us the first time we visited Dogs Trust Leeds, but the timing was perfect.

“She is the most beautiful dog in the world and we love her to bits. She is a fantastic addition to our life – and our work!”

Sita is a professional storyteller and founder of Settle Stories, a charity which uses the transformative power of storytelling to change lives.

She adds, “She comes into work with me and she has become part of the team already! Everybody falls in love with her; she is the most beautiful dog. This is definitely a new chapter in our lives and hers and I’ve no doubt her story of triumph over adversity will inspire us and many others for years to come. She is a total joy.”

Sleeping on the job

Amanda Sands, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Leeds, says, “We could not have asked for a happier ending for Lara. She is a gorgeous dog and obviously very resilient given what she went through, but luckily Sita and Graham came along and they are definitely her perfect match.”


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