Clumber Spaniel owners from across the district took part in a spring walk in Hinchingbrooke Park Huntingdon on 19th March. The walk, which was open to both owners of Clumbers and those interested in the breed was attended by 18 Clumbers, plus seven other breeds and 34 people who enjoyed the sunshine and watching their dogs mix and swim together.

The Clumber spaniel is a rare native breed of dog, originally bred at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. Because it is so rare, with less than two hundred puppies born a year, these walks held at country parks across the country offer the only opportunity many owners and their dogs get to meet and walk with other Clumbers.

For further information, visit the Walking with Clumbers UK Facebook or contact B. Weston on 01530 456071 or

Photo: Walkers stop for a coffee before they set off. Credit: R Weston

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