When Peanut – then named Petunia – arrived at the Delta Animal Shelter in April last year, it was clear she had experienced horrific cruelty. She had two broken legs, broken ribs and a belly full of carpet. But with her former owner convicted of animal abuse, Peanut began a new life with a new family in Rapid River, Michigan, and has now helped to save the life of a little girl.

Around 11am on Friday 17 March, Peanut startled her owners by exhibiting some strange behaviour. “She was running up and down the stairs, barking and yelping,” wrote her new owner in a letter to the shelter.

“She then went and got my husband, who was in the garage working on some projects, and alerted him that she wanted to go outside. He said he could hear her running around upstairs but didn’t understand why. He let her outside where she went barreling into the field behind our house at full speed.”

Peanut, followed by her owner, ran to a ditch where they discovered a naked, shivering, three-year-old girl curled up in a ball. The girl was wrapped up and taken to a nearby home while emergency services were called. By the time they arrived, Peanut’s owners said the little girl could only say one word – ‘doggie’.

The girl was transported to hospital to be checked over and was found not to be suffering from hypothermia or any serious injuries. The child’s parents were located and an investigation is currently underway.

Deputy Steve Kositzky told Upper Michigan News, “The child is fine and is well and is in good hands as we speak. There was one other child that was located in the home and that child was removed as well and to my knowledge both those children are together in a foster care type home.

Photo: Facebook/Delta Animal Shelter




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