Rev. Kate Bottley speaks to Clare Balding at Crufts

Crufts is a great time not only to celebrate dogs, but to raise awareness of the problems affecting our four-legged companions. The Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) took the opportunity to launch their debut charity single, Let’s hear it for the boy, performed by Allan Jay, in a revamp of the 1980’s no.1 hit by Deniece Williams.

The song title is also the name of the charity’s current campaign, which focuses on male Greyhounds currently awaiting a new home. Around 8,000 Greyhounds retire from racing each year and the RGT rehomes around 4,000 each year.

The song, which has reached No.2 in the iTunes vocal singles charts, was formally unveiled at Crufts 2017 during the parade of Greyhounds on ‘Hound Day where Gogglebox‘s Rev. Kate Bottley added her support to the campaign.

Kate was attending her first Crufts and told Clare Balding (main photo), “I threatened my husband with a third baby, so ended up getting a dog instead. Buster is seven-years-old (I got him at seven months old) – they [Greyhounds] are lovely dogs; very kind, sweet and gentle.  This is our first Crufts, so everyone’s been stopping us for selfies but Buster has had more photos today.”

Best Male Artist 2015 and LBGTQ Music Award 2016, Let’s hear it for the boy recording artist Allan Jay says, “I’m delighted to be involved in this campaign and I think the lyrics say it all – let’s give the boy a chance.  I sincerely hope we can find the home that they so deserve.”

Other headline names to endorse the charity include Leona Lewis, Russell Watson, Jilly Cooper, Vicki Michelle, Twiggy, Uri Geller, Craig Levein and former Gladiator, James Crossley. James is also the face of the campaign and says, “I want to help break the myths that surround Greyhounds and the boys in particular. They make great family pets and fit in well to the home environment and don’t need as much exercise as people think.”

To download the single go to RGT webshop (The Greyhound Store), iTunes, Google play and Amazon, and you can listen to the track here.


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