Pet supplies company Omlet has unveiled its latest product for keeping your pet safe and comfortable. The new Fido Studio is an indoor dog crate with a difference.

As well as the usual features of a fully functioning crate, it has been designed to look like a contemporary piece of furniture which could compliment your living room, kitchen or office space, making it a dog crate that both owner and dogs will love.

As dogs become a bigger part of family life, Omlet’s award winning design team created a product to help integrate puppies and pooches further into homes and offices and give them a safe den-like space, much like their own bedroom. On the side is a fitted wardrobe which can be used to store their accessories and for the fashion conscious pooch, you can even add a clothes rail and mirror so they look their best for their morning walk.

Bev Manners from the Dog Training Barn said, “My dogs love their new crate. They love having their own space to relax in and I’ll often find them asleep in the crate even when the door is open. I love the stability of the crate and the way it blends in with the other furniture in the house. It’s easy to clean and looks great.

Available in two sizes, the smaller version is a 24 inch dog crate suitable for breeds such as Pugs, Jack Russell Terriers and Dachshunds. The larger version is a refined 36 inch dog crate that is ideal for breeds such as Spaniels, Bulldogs and Whippets. Both are an ideal starter crate for puppies that they can continue using as a modern, stylish, adult dog home.

Omlet’s Head of Product Design Simon Nicholls said, “The Fido Studio has been an incredible project to work on and we all couldn’t wait to launch it. After spending long hours designing and testing a product it’s always exciting to see it finally produced! The idea was born whilst on holiday in Italy where we spotted all these incredibly fashionable dogs wearing designer outfits and we wondered where these dogs hang their coats when they get home. That’s when we realised there was a huge need for a dog wardrobe! Combining it with a contemporary piece of furniture that doubles as your dog’s bed made complete sense.”

Following research and discussions with vets and trainers, Nicholls discovered that dogs who sleep on a bed on the floor can be badly affected by draughts, direct sunlight and noise.  All these elements can cause dogs stress and at the very least make it difficult to get comfortable. Raised off the ground, the enclosed design of the Fido Studio can greatly reduce stress caused by environmental factors leading to a happier, healthier and more relaxed dog. 

Fido Studio Dog Crate from Omlet on Vimeo.



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