Petrol station dog

Last week, we ran the April Fools’ story where a company employed dogs for administrative tasks, but one employer in Brazil has really done it!

Meet Marmaduke, Mano and Trakinas – the three new additions to the staff at Posto Roda petrol station in the city of São Leopoldo. It’s not clear how the dogs came to be strays or if they came from the same home, but they have now become an inseparable trio.

Petrol station dogs
Credit: Adote um vira-lata RS/Facebook
dog petted
Credit: Adote um vira-lata RS/Facebook

The dogs were scavenging for food, but whilst many locals tried to avoid them so they wouldn’t become a nuisance, one man ignored the warnings. Gabriel Corrêa had only purchased the petrol station in February but quickly became aware of the dogs.

brown dog on the job
Trakinas. Credit: Kacia Apollo/Facebook
black dog sits
Marmaduke. Credit: Kacia Apollo/Facebook

Gabriel told The Dodo, “When we took over in February, we were told that there were some dogs who went there from time to time looking for the night guard who gave them food. We were told we shouldn’t feed them or give them attention, because if we gave them food or attention they would stay there forever.”

But Gabriel decided to help the dogs, and before long they were a constant presence at his business. In need of security for the premises, Gabriel decided to take the dogs on as full-time security dogs and to go that bit further, he created name tags for each dog and some comfortable new lodgings.

dog tags
Credit: Adote um vira-lata RS/Facebook
dog houses
Credit: Kacia Apollo/Facebook

Although their official role is security, the dogs’ real role has become customer service, greeting the customers with a tail wag and making them smile. One customer even wrote on Facebook [translated], “As a resident of São Leopoldo, I congratulate the new owners and their employees! I was already a customer, now I am even more.”

Main photo: Adote um vira-lata RS/Facebook



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