Dog with ice cream
Credit: Don Paletto/Facebook

After a hot day what better way is there to cool down than to enjoy an ice cream in the shade. If you live in Mexico City, you can now enjoy a cone with your four-legged best friend!

Don Paletto’s in Mexico’s capital has created a whole menu of dog-friendly frozen treats, including frozen cones or lollipops. The treats are made from natural yogurt and lactobacilli bacteria, suitable for dogs and humans, and come in a range of flavours including peanut butter; cajeta – a traditional Mexican sweet of burnt milk; fruits such as banana and strawberry; and carrots.

Dog licks ice cream
Credit: Don Paletto/Facebook

Shop owner Mauricio Montoya called on vets to help adapt traditional recipes to make them more suitable for man’s best friend, as normal ice cream can cause pain and diarrhoea in dogs.

ice cream in bowl
Credit: Don Paletto/Facebook

For the owners,  you get to select from flavours such as whiskey, brandy, champagne and more.

two dogs share a cone
Credit: Don Paletto/Facebook

“To eat the same food every day must be pretty boring for them,” said customer Liliana. “I come (here) to pamper him a bit.”

Shall we book a flight Fido?


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