Two sick five-week-old terrier brothers were brought into The Mayhew Animal Home after they were cruelly dumped in Gladstone Park, North London.

A member of the public discovered the freezing puppies – named Rascal and Toby – inside a box and called the charity. A Mayhew Animal Welfare Officer went to the park to find them and they were rushed to the Home’s Vet Clinic to receive the urgent care they needed. It’s believed the pair were bred in order to sell, but showed signs of ill health and were dumped.

Rascal and Toby were cold, dehydrated and weak, and had to be fed every few hours to build up their strength. They were dewormed, given medicated baths, put on IV fluids and antibiotics and wrapped in warm, heated blankets to improve and maintain their body temperature.

white puppy at Mayhew Animal Home
Toby. Credit: The Mayhew Animal Home

The Mayhew’s Head Vet, Dr. Ursula Goetz MRCVS, GP Cert (SAS) CVO, said, “It was clear that Rascal and Toby were very sick and they had to be kept in isolation and away from other dogs. They were both suffering from mange, a parasite living inside a dog’s skin, which usually affects dogs with a weakened immune system.

“We also suspected that they could have Parvo virus, a highly contagious viral disease that often affects unvaccinated dogs and can be deadly, which is why it is always highly recommended to keep your dog’s vaccination up to date. Thankfully in this case Parvo was not confirmed.”

Despite the treatment, Toby was too weak to recover and sadly didn’t make it through the night.

white puppy at Mayhew Animal Home
Sadly, Toby did not survive the night. Credit: The Mayhew Animal Home

Dr. Ursula Goetz added, “Young animals are like babies and need warmth, care and regular food, otherwise they will deteriorate quickly and in Toby’s case unfortunately all help came too late. Because they had been taken from their mum at such an early age, they didn’t have the chance to thrive and grow healthily. That is why it is so important to seek veterinary care straight away, especially with young animals.”

Puppy in garden
Vets focused their attention on Rascal to make sure he didn’t suffer the same fate. Credit: The Mayhew Animal Home

The Vet Team continued to try and save Rascal and thankfully, the puppy began to show signs of improvements. After 10 days he was able to leave the isolation unit and started living up to his name. Rascal has now made a full recovery and has found a forever home with a loving family.



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