trapped terrier

RSPCA, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, Yorkshire Water and local builders spent six hours trying to free a dog stuck in a drain pipe.

Jet, a 16-month-old Patterdale Terrier, had run into trouble whilst out on a walk on Wednesday evening (19 April) in Barnsley. His worried owner contacted RSPCA inspector Joanne Hartley in the early hours of Thursday morning after unsuccessfully trying to retrieve Jet himself.

Inspector Hartley said, “Jet had run into the drain pipe while out on a walk with his owner on Wednesday evening (19 April). His owner, Jamie, stayed with him, trying to call him out of the underground maze of pipes but had no luck.

“He called our emergency line shortly before 2am but we knew we wouldn’t be able to help until daylight so I went along first thing in the morning and called for the fire service’s assistance on my way.”

forces free terrier
Difficult rescue. Credit: South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

Inspector Hartley added. “The pipe was about 10ins wide and is part of the old brickworks site which is the size of around two or three football pitches.

“We could hear Jet barking and whimpering, but we had no idea where he was located in the pipes. And the piping runs around 4ft to 6ft underground so we had to dig around 10 trenches down to the pipe to see if we could reach him.”

Yorkshire Water arrived with a camera which was sent into the pipes and eventually located Jet around 90m away from where he entered. The little black terrier was eventually freed six hours after the search began, and almost 24 hours after he first went into the pipes.

free terrier being held
Jet pictured with his owner shortly after he was freed. Credit: South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

“It was a really great combined effort from everyone who was there and I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped out,” Inspector Hartley added. “All the agencies involved were willing to work as long as it took to free Jet and I’m so glad we were able to release him safe and sound.”

Jet’s owner, Jamie Taylor, described the ordeal, “Jet was really shaken at first but now he’s back to his usual self. I’m really thankful to everyone who worked so hard to make sure Jet was freed.”

rescued terrier
Jet, free at last. Credit: RSPCA

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue’s Matt Gillatt said, “This was an extremely challenging rescue which required a great deal of skill and problem solving by our crews, alongside help from various other agencies.”

“Animal rescues are an established part of the fire service’s work that is highly valued by local people. Rescues performed by firefighters with specialist training and equipment also stop the public getting into danger by attempting rescues themselves.”

Watch Jet’s dramatic rescue below. Credit: Yorkshire Water


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