EDITORIAL USE ONLY Television personality Louie Spence with his dogs Lola, a miniature Schnauzer, and Flo, a Jack Russell in Battersea Park for FRONTLINE Plus to raise awareness of protecting your pets against ticks, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: XXX April XXX, 2017. Photo credit should read: Doug Peters/PA Wire

This month is Tick Awareness Month and as we spend more time outdoors with our pets, it’s important to make sure our pets are protected. To highlight the dangers of ticks, flea and tick brand FRONTLINE Plus played a prank on TV personality Louie Spence.

Ticks can transmit nasty and sometimes fatal diseases such as Lyme disease and canine babesiosis. They can easily sneak up on us, which FRONTLINE Plus emulated in their recent stunt. Louie Spence was out walking his dogs Lola and Flo in Battersea Park, London, when giant ticks emerged from behind a tree.

Doug Peters/PA Wire

Louie’s reaction was caught on camera and the video is being used to alert pet owners to the dangers of ticks, which are lurking in urban parks, forests, woodland and gardens across the UK.

Louie got his own back by pranking unsuspecting dog walkers with remote-controlled creepy crawlies and commented, “I had the shock of my life when I saw those giant monsters coming towards me! I was more terrified than Lola. It was hilarious seeing the reactions of the public when it was my turn to surprise them. Seeing the ticks that big really made me realise how nasty they are. I’ll definitely be treating Lola every four weeks with FRONTLINE Plus from now on so she’s protected. I never want to see a tick again after today!”

Doug Peters/PA Wire

Geoffrey Guyot, FRONTLINE Plus Technical Manager comments, “Whilst making the video has been a lot of fun, we hope we have highlighted a serious issue for pet owners. Now spring is here, many are getting back out there and going on long walks with their dogs. Ticks can be found anywhere and by treating your dog or cat every four weeks with FRONTLINE Plus2, you can help protect your pet from ticks and fleas as they make the most of the spring weather.”

Last year canine babesiosis was found in the UK for the first time in dogs who had not travelled abroad, and two dogs are known to have died. It’s important to protected your pets all year round and regular check your dog’s coat for ticks. Speak to your vet for more advice.


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