clumber on a walk

Once loved by British Royalty – with Prince Albert, King Edward VII, King George V and Princess Ann among well-known owners – the Clumber Spaniel has sadly been declining steadily in numbers over the past years. Now this spaniel, developed in Clumber Park by the Duke of Newcastle in the 1700s, is among those listed as ‘vulnerable’ by the Kennel Club. In 2016, only 171 Clumber Spaniel puppies were registered with the Kennel Club.

A group of owners and lovers of this breed are working hard to make the Clumber Spaniel more widely known, through events and walks. The Walking With Clumbers UK group is organising a spring Walk in Sutton Park, Birmingham, West Midlands, on 21 May. Open to both owners of Clumbers and those interested in the breed, the walk will start at 10:30am from the visitor centre car park and last for about two hours. Several Clumber Spaniel owners are expected to attend with their dogs.

“Members of the public are invited to come to come and meet the Clumbers,” says Rodney Weston, from the Walking With Clumbers group. “They are the largest of the spaniels and have a gentle, loyal and affectionate temperament making an ideal ‘family friendly’ pet.”

Further information on the walk is available on the Facebook group. You can also contact the group’s admin by email ( or by phone (01530 456071).

Image by Walking With Clumbers UK.


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