akita pup with a nail

Buddy, a six-month-old Akita puppy, was out on a walk with his owner Elif Ozdemir when he suddenly swallowed something.

nail“We were just out walking in the park and we got to this big area of field so I put him on the long leash and then I saw him sniffing something,” Elif recalls. “It all happened very fast; I then saw him swallow this silver thing, I could see it was a piece of metal but didn’t know what it was exactly.

“He looked fine, and wasn’t showing any signs of sickness or pain, but I took him straight to Blue Cross. I’m so thankful that I saw him eat it; it was so lucky I got him there in time.”

Elif’s decision to take his dog straight to the Blue Cross animal hospital in Grimsby spared him quite a lot of trouble. X-rays revealed that Buddy had eaten a bent, two-inch long nail.akita pup being worked on

Grimsby Veterinary Nurse Tracy Nicholson said, “Buddy is very lucky that his owner saw him swallow the nail and we were able to remove it so quickly before it did any damage. After X-rays showed the nail in his stomach, he was rushed straight into theatre for emergency surgery to remove it. It was a big operation, so he needed intensive nursing while he recovered.”successful recovery

As the vets were able to remove the nail before it could cause any damage, Buddy was back home the next day and, four days later, he was his happy and playful self again.

“I was just so relieved when I got the call back to say he had had the surgery,” Elif said.

“I was so grateful and so happy to be able to take him back home. It took him about four days to start moving about normally again. We had to make him special meals like scrambled egg and plain rice, which he loved!

“It was a tough time but he’s fine now and is doing very well.”


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