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We’ve teamed up with the canine-friendly team at Car Shades to make sure that both you and your dog can travel in cool, stress-free shaded comfort this summer. We have five sets of these superb shades to give away – each one tailored precisely to the winner’s car…

One of the best things about summer driving is sharing it with those furry, four-legged members of your family. Of course while it’s brilliant being able to enjoy your roadtrip with your dog, the journey to and from your destination can be anything but, particularly if your pet isn’t exactly happy to be in the car and finds travel a stressful prospect. The key to making journeys like this as stress-free as possible is to reduce the amount of discomfort your dog is subjected to, something that’s made easier to achieve by fitting Car Shades, the ultimate bespoke automotive sun shades


Long, sun-drenched journeys are hard enough for a human to stomach, but for a dog they’re almost intolerable, especially if, as is all too often the case in the UK, they involve traffic jams. Car Shades are therefore ideal, their custom design ensuring they fit the window aperture precisely, while dramatically reducing the amount of UV light (and therefore heat) that your beloved hound is exposed to.

car shades

Car Shades provide a layer of extra security by shielding your prized possessions from prying eyes and sticky fingers. Best of all, they’re designed to remain in place with the window fully down, so you can get all of the shade and full ventilation. There’s another benefit to their darkened design, and that’s privacy. Car Shades form an effective barrier to the outside world, shielding your dog from unwanted attention, while also preventing annoying stinging insects from entering the car.

car shades

The “Clip Eaze” technology used to secure Car Shades means that they can be fitted or removed in minutes, and they can then be stored within the protective zip-up bag supplied.

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To enter and be in with a chance of winning one of five sets of Car Shades, simply fill in the form below and send before Thursday 25 May.


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