cat people or dog people

Social media has become a huge part of our daily lives, but now it’s not uncommon for pet owners to create accounts for their pets and you may even be following a few pet accounts too!

Overall, are we a cat people or dog people? A new report by Provident Personal Credit looks at what lies behind cat and dog social media, including level of naughtiness and owners’ behaviour. A survey of 2000 UK respondents and pet owners showed over 17% of Brits follow at least one pet Instagram account and 7% have a separate account for their cat or dog.

When it comes to comparing dog and cat owners, it’s the dog owners who talk about their pets the most with 50% talking about their dog everyday, compared to 41% of cat owners.

Dog owners have to pay the price though. The survey revealed dog owners shell out more money for repairs and replacements for their furniture due to their pet’s behaviour. This includes damage to TVs, beds, sofas, garden, kitchen tables and personal belongings. 

But despite this, Brits consider themselves to be more dog people rather than cat people, with 50% showing a strong preference for dogs. We put our pets first too with over a third (35.8%) saying they don’t think twice before cancelling plans to stay with their pet. Dog owners are more reluctant to leave their pets behind as 42% would rather miss out compared to 24% cat owners.

Provident also asked owners to rate their pet’s personality with cats named as the Naughtiest Pet and dogs awarded with Funniest Pet and Cheekiest Pet.

If you’re reading this, we can probably guess you’re a dog lover but if you love and own both, take the test to find out if you’re a dog or a cat person.  


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