Rascal and his brother were brought into the Mayhew Animal Home for treatment

Dog lovers were deeply saddened last month when we reported the tragic story of Rascal and Toby.

The five-week-old brothers had been dumped in north London and were brought to The Mayhew Animal Home for treatment. Both pups were very ill, cold and dehydrated and were thought to be victims of the cruel puppy trade.

Despite the immediate treatment they received, Toby passed away in the night.

Todby did not survive
Sadly, Toby did not make it through the night. Credit: Mayhew

Rascal, the tiny terrier who had been left for dead in a box, wasn’t ready to give up his fight. After ten days of intensive care, Rascal was able to leave the isolation unit and made a full recovery.

It didn’t take long for him to find a home and he has now gone to live with his new family, who have renamed him Kevin.

Rascal has been adopted
Credit: Mayhew

His owner Gina says, “He’s very good, extremely bright and sociable. He’s loved learning tricks like giving paw with my daughter Maisy, which he got to show off at The Mayhew’s Open Day! He’s a real joy.”

Rascals new owner
Rascal, now called Kevin, is settling in to his new home. Credit: Mayhew
Happy Rascal
Credit: Mayhew

Rascal’s story highlights the end to end this atrocious trade that cares little about the dogs’ welfare, and the important work that charities like The Mayhew Animal Home do.


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