When 10-year-old Ziggy failed to resurface after going underground, his concerned owner, Lauren Flintoff, contacted the RSPCA and the fire and rescue service.

The curious Patterdale Terrier had been out on a walk on Monday evening last week (29 May) when he disappeared down a drain pipe at Lauren’s in-law’s farm in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Owner Lauren explained, “This is the third time he’s been down a hole chasing something or following a scent.

“I was worried he might have been stuck and that’s why he didn’t appear. My husband Tim spent the whole night trying to entice him out and, when he didn’t emerge, I called in help.”

RSPCA animal collection officer Faebian Vann arrived the next morning to help. The group traced the pipes and used a digger to dig two holes to reach the stuck pooch. Eventually, after spending the night underground, Ziggy emerged from one of the holes.

Lauren's husband Tim and Ziggy
Relieved. Pictured: Lauren’s husband Tim and Ziggy. Credit: Lauren Flintoft

ACO Vann said, “Thankfully Ziggy wasn’t injured, but he had got himself a little trapped in some clay. However, he eventually emerged and was, luckily, completely unscathed.

“He’s now back home with his owners where he belongs – and no doubt he’ll be getting up to no good again very soon!”

Terriers are notorious for these kinds of antics and earlier this year, the charity, firefighters, Yorkshire Water and local construction workers were called to a location in Barnsley to help Jet, also a Patterdale terrier, escape a drain pipe.

ACO Vann added, “Dogs – particularly terriers like Ziggy – have a very strong natural chase instinct and can often disappear down holes following their noses or a rabbit.

“That’s why it’s so important to have a good recall so you can be certain your dog will return to you before roaming too far. However, if they do get themselves trapped somewhere we’d always urge owners to get in touch with us by calling our 24-hour emergency line on 0300 1234 999.”



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