Chow Chow pups

Dogs Trust Merseyside is searching for experienced homes for a litter of five Chow Chow puppies – Boo, Fifi, Bungle, Cubby and Edwin – who were intercepted and seized at the UK borders, as part of Dogs Trust’s ongoing investigation into illegal puppy smuggling.

Bred in Bulgaria, the twelve-week-old pups had to face a 2,000 miles journey and would have gone on to be sold to members of the public if not seized.

Georgina Lowery, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Merseyside, said, “It is awful to think what they have gone through. They are adorable and the smugglers rely on that – people falling in love with fluffy, cuddly puppies, so they can make a profit out of them as soon as possible.

“But a dog is for life, and they aren’t puppies for long! As adult dogs these beautiful brothers and sisters will be large dogs, their coats need grooming every day and just like any puppy they will need training and lots of time to be spent with them. Given the tough start they have had, we are looking for owners with experience of puppies so we can make sure they have the best chance to become well adjusted, happy dogs.”

Despite what they went through, all Chow Chow pups are now well and ready to head off to loving homes.

“They are adorable and will suit a patient family that understand the breed’s characteristics; they definitely know their own minds and can be aloof at times so they are not a breed that would perhaps suit first time dog owners,” Georgina added. “We are looking for experienced owners who will not only be happy to groom them every day but also have the time to put in that extra effort needed to ensure they become happy, confident, well adjusted adult dogs.”

The pups could live with children aged ten and over. If you think your home is the right one for them, call 0300 303 0292 or visit Dogs Trust Merseyside at Whiston Lane, Huyton, L36 6HP.

Image by Dogs Trust Merseyside.


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