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While wearable tech is increasingly becoming part of our day to day lives, we look at how the same kind of innovation can be used to gain insight into how our pooches live their lives too.

Go Pro Fetch 

Ever wondered what it’s like to see things from a dog’s eye view? With the Go Pro Fetch specialised dog harness, you need wonder no more! With a choice of two mounting options, you can view footage from either over their back or from chest level giving you a never seen before glimpse into your dog’s world.

WUF Smart Collar 

This clever bit of kit keeps track of your dog using live GPS monitoring, so should he wander off while out for walkies you are only ever a tap away from finding him. The dedicated WUF app is packed with tips, tricks and video tutorials made by their own professional dog trainers. It also contains a tiny speaker to enable two-way communication where you can speak commands to your dog while away from home, potentially making remote dog training a reality!


Sometimes it is hard to know exactly how much exercise your dog is getting. If they are left with a sitter or the kids take him to the park, can you really be sure he is burning off enough calories? This small lightweight device attaches easily to your dog’s collar, reporting back to an app on your phone allowing you to monitor exactly what they are getting up to. You can set daily exercise targets based on their breed, allowing you the peace of mind to know that he/she is staying happy and healthy.

TailTalk Emotion Translator 

Every dog owner wonders from time to time how happy their hound is. If only we spoke a common language so we could ask the question! TailTalk is a smart band you place around your dog’s tail that translates wags into data. The accelerometer and gyroscope contained within the band allow you to see trends in your dog’s mood based on what he/she is doing throughout the day. Easy to view graphs and stats give you a clear overview of how they have felt that day or week.


This smart harness monitors your pup’s heart rate, translating it into colourful light patterns giving you a deeper understanding of how he/she is feeling at the time. Sensing different moods such as excitement, calmness or concentration and beaming this information to your phone you can easily see patterns in how they feel throughout the day. INUPATHY aims to bring you closer to your dog through better understanding of how he/she feels, enabling you to increase the activities that make them happy.

Image credits: Butternut Box

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