Monkey is a loveable 13-year-old deaf and blind Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and he’s in desperate need of a new home – either a permanent one, or a long-term foster arrangement.

Debbie Hughes, from Freshfields Animal Rescue, says, “Monkey originally came into our care four years ago after he was due to be put to sleep for having fleas! We managed to rescue Monkey from his awful situation and later found him a fantastic home. Monkey’s dad absolutely adored him and often kept in touch with us.”

Sadly, his owner recently passed away and, with no one able to care for him, Monkey found himself back in care of Freshfields Animal Rescue. Despite the amount of care he’s getting, he misses having a home of his own. Monkey’s medical care will be supported via the rescue, which does require his adopter/fosterer to be local to the Liverpool area or able to travel there.

“Despite coverage on MadeinLiverpool TV and local radio, he hasn’t had one suitable offer of a home yet,” Debbie says. “He’s desperately sad and it’s breaking the hearts of the staff who love him and work with him every day.

“Monkey is such a sweet boy who is still so full of life, he enjoys playing with his toys and racing around our field. He doesn’t know he’s 13 and has sight or hearing difficulties; he thinks he’s a playful puppy! We know that he would make a wonderful companion.”

If you think you can give Monkey the home he needs and deserves, you can get in touch by calling 0151 931 1604. If you cannot give him a home, but would like to donate towards his care, click here.

Images by Freshfields Animal Rescue.


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