Battersea Water Babies

With the recent hot weather and this weekend set to be a scorcher, residents at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home have taken to the shelter’s paddling pools to beat the heat.

Whilst many of the dogs enjoy a quick dip, these three dogs have come to be known as the Battersea Water Babies as they would happily spend all day in the water.

Battersea Rehoming Manager Becky Fisher said, “While some dogs at Battersea prefer to keep their paws dry, others can’t seem to get enough of the paddling pool. Dogs can really suffer in the heat, because they can’t cool themselves by sweating like humans. Paddling pools are one of many methods we use to help our canines keep cool and carry on during summer.

“Some of our other techniques include freezing dog treats into ice lollies and putting down wet towels for our canines to lie on. These are all techniques owners can try at home, to help their dog to beat the heat.”

Benny the Bear

Benny the Bear enjoys splashing around in the pool

While you wouldn’t know it when you see him enjoying himself in the paddling pool, life hasn’t always been a beach for Benny the Bear. The one-year-old was brought into Battersea over a month ago because his owner was no longer able to look after him, and this water-loving lad has been looking for a home ever since. The enthusiastic, cuddly Rottie seeks to see more of the world with loving new owners who are committed to helping him with his training.


Prince is looking for owners who are as active as he is

This gorgeous Mongrel believes he’s prince of the water. Prince was brought into Battersea because his owners moved house and couldn’t take him with them. This gentle four-year-old is looking for an active home as – in addition to swimming – he enjoys walks, runs and any other sport he can try his paw at!


Dotty dives for tennis balls 

Dotty the Lurcher is a playful girl who loves the water almost as much as she loves chasing tennis balls. Dotty is one of Battersea’s longest-stay residents. This two-year-old arrived at Battersea over six months ago, and staff can’t fathom why this affectionate lady is being overlooked. Dotty’s a very clever girl who’s already learned sit, down, paw and bow. She’s looking for an adults-only home, and she’s going to make an amazing and rewarding pet for the right owner.

If you think you could rehome one of these water babies and want to find out more, visit


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