Today (23 June) is National Bring Your Dog To Work Day and to celebrate, IAMS have put together some top tips for anyone looking to take their dog into work with them.

Dogs are welcome at IAMS head office, treated to IAMS Minis from their office’s special dog biscuit tin. Dogs can be great stress relievers in a busy workplace, reducing anxiety by up to one third, and it’s estimated one in ten UK pet owners regularly take their dog to work.

IAMS Nutritional Expert and Veterinary Training Manager, Kellie Ceccarelli, has given her ‘top tips’ for ensuring an enjoyable day:

  • Make sure they’re comfortable – For dogs that don’t usually come into the work place with you, it may be a daunting experience. Make sure to take familiar items with you, such as toys and bedding, so that they settle in as quickly as possible”
  • Take a water bowl – Offices can be hot places to be especially if it’s a warm day so make sure your dog knows where they can find their water and has a supply throughout the day”
  • Mirror their normal day – Trying to mirror their normal day can really help your dog stay happy. This includes keeping meal times the same as well as trying to walk them at their usual times so they don’t get restless.”
  • Introduce them to your colleagues – This will help your dog to feel comfortable with the people around them and gives you the opportunity to remind colleagues not to feed your dog any human food, no matter how small”


Kellie adds, “There are so many positives to having a dog in the office however, it’s really important to make sure they are looked after properly and their health isn’t affected by accidentally eating human food which has been left on easy to reach surfaces.”

“Chocolate for example will not only add to a dog’s waistline but it can be toxic and when eaten in large quantities, particularly if it contains high cocoa levels, can be life threatening. It’s not just the more obvious foods like chocolate that can be a risk though. Healthier snacks like grapes and raisins are also poisonous to dogs causing symptoms from vomiting and diarrhoea to more the severe kidney failure.

“It’s always better to be safe so keep human foods out of the reach of your furry colleagues and remind your work friends not to fall for puppy dog eyes when it comes to lunchtime. Instead, keep your pet happy and healthy by giving them the nutrients they need.  A diet rich in high quality animal proteins, such as chicken and turkey, will help in maintaining optimal overall health for your pet, supporting a strong immune system, healthy skin and a shiny coat.”



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