Mosquitoes are naturally programmed to suck blood from mammals, humans, and animals, to create offspring. The source of the blood does not really make a huge difference for them, therefore they attack both, us, humans, and our pets. But, if we can protect ourselves and make sure that mosquitoes are kept away, for pets, it’s a lot more difficult task to execute, as the only ways they know how to protect themselves is by rolling around in the grass and using their tail to scare mosquitoes away. So, it is our duty and obligation to make sure mosquitoes keep away not only from us but also away from our dogs.

There are several different sprays and products available in pet stores, which are extremely efficient at repelling mosquitoes and specially designed for animals. However, these products often contain chemicals and toxins. And although manufacturers have stated that no harm will be caused to your pet or to the people around you when using these products, it still isn’t the best option for you, your pet or the environment. So I’m going to list some of the best natural ways to protect your pup from mosquito bites.

Firstly, you can create your own, natural, insect spray which is completely safe, doesn’t contain chemical, toxins and is DEET-free. Since mosquitoes don’t like citrusy and strong garlic scents, you can crush these ingredients up and mix them with water. Then place this mixture into a spray bottle and you will have a natural and organic mosquito repellent spray. Just remember that natural, homemade sprays won’t be as effective and won’t last as long as chemical ones, but you can always re-apply them when needed and as much times as needed as they are natural and completely safe.

Secondly, mosquitoes are the most active during early morning hours and in the late evenings, when the sun starts to set. So, in order to keep mosquitoes from attacking our puppies, we must avoid taking our pets out for a walk or letting them go out in the garden during these times. And, avoid woods and riversides during the peak times as well, since, mosquitoes are found in larger numbers in these places. Although it might be tempting to go for a walk in the woods during evening or at dawn, we must think of our pets and of their safety and comfort.

And lastly, in order to keep mosquitoes from attacking your pet, you must minimize the overall number of mosquitoes in your garden, backyard, and house. Make sure that mosquitoes have no entry possibilities in your house, by mosquito-proofing windows and doors with mosquito screens and nets. Also, don’t leave any standing water out, since mosquitoes breed in still water. If you have a dog water bowl somewhere in your backyard, make sure you change the water regularly so it isn’t stagnant for very long. Make sure that your backyard and garden is clean. Meaning that the grass is cut, all compost is put away and you aren’t creating mosquito-friendly conditions. And use something like a natural mosquito yard spray if you need to even further ensure that mosquitoes keep away from your garden and away from your pets.

Overall, just be extremely thoughtful of your pet. Make sure that you are doing everything to the best of your abilities to ensure that mosquitoes are not bothering your dog, and your pet should be able to avoid mosquito bites. Maybe not all, but definitely the majority of them.

About the author

Karen Thompson is the owner of, a blog about mosquitoes and how to control and repel them.

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