Primary school children are giving some of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s loneliest dogs a voice, by writing adorable letters and drawing pictures from the dogs’ perspectives.

Battersea’s four loneliest residents have been constantly overlooked, so the charity has enlisted some young helpers. The children, aged six to eight, have put themselves in these dogs’ paws and written adorable ‘when I grow up’ pictures and letters.


“When I grow up, my friends at Battersea say I will have a family, but I don’t know what that means. I think I used to have one once, but it was so long ago I don’t remember.” – Neo, Lurcher.

Neo’s letter

Neo (main photo) has one of the saddest stories. He arrived at Battersea’s Old Windsor centre from another rescue centre over a year ago and the two year old has now been in kennels for half of his adult life. Neo was found as a stray, very underweight, but still bounding around with enthusiasm. Hi has a lovely-nature and it’s time he finally learned what family means.

Picture by eight-year-old Carrie Sales



“When I grow up, I will live in a house with a big garden. And I will have a family who are patient and kind and they will show me the world isn’t as scary as I sometimes think it is.” – Kezzie, Collie-cross.

Kezzie’s letter


Seven-year-old Collie-cross Kezzie sometimes finds life scary and overwhelming, and often needs reassurance from Battersea’s staff. Kezzie’s shy nature has led to her being overlooked since she arrived at Battersea’s Brands Hatch centre over 560 days ago – making her the charity’s unluckiest dog. She may take a while to get to know you, but once she does, she’ll be your loyal friend.

Picture by six-year-old Beatrix Buckfield



“I don’t like being left alone, because I’m scared my family won’t come back. When I grow up, I will have a family who will always come home to me.” – Indie, Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Indie’s letter by six-year-old Eleanor Webb

One-year-old Staffie Indie ended up at Battersea’s London Centre when her owners’ circumstances changed. She managed to find a new home but unfortunately, it wasn’t the right fit and she was return to the charity. Indie struggles with kennel life and loves being around people. Let’s hope this gentle girl finds her forever home.

Indie’s picture



“When I grow up I will live with a Greyhound brother, and he will come on adventures with me and be by my side always. And I will have lots of human friends too, so I will never be alone.” – Sally, Greyhound”

Sally’s letter

Sweet Sally is a lovely-natured Greyhound who finds life in the kennels stressful, and copes much better when she’s kennelled with one of her Greyhound friends. The three-year-old would be lonely without a canine companion, so she’s looking for a home with another dog. Like many Greyhounds who come into Battersea, Sally is an ex-racer who’s looking to put life on the track behind her and put her paws up on a sofa.

Picture by eight-year-old Alexandra Rose Pearce


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