A protest against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) will be held this Saturday (15 July) at Westminster.

Dog owners and campaigners are expected to unite at Old Palace Yard from 1pm and join peaceful protests which have been organised around the world, including another UK event in Coventry, West Midlands.

BSL was introduced to UK law in 1991 but campaigners say that despite costing the tax-payer millions to enforce, it does nothing to protect people or dogs, or promote responsible ownership.

Thousands of pets have lost their lives due to the legislation, which sees dogs put to death because of their physical appearance alone. People are coming together to speak out against BSL, including leading animal welfare charities who openly call for an end to this outdated legislation.

The London event, organised by DDA Watch, will join other protests in Canada and Germany. Leaflets regarding BSL will be handed out on the day along with a petition to sign and tributes made to the dogs who have died as a result of the legislation.


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