It is without a doubt that dogs don’t complain about anything. Our loyal companions wouldn’t mind sleeping on rough ground or on a cold hard floor, but this sadly takes a toll on them. As we grow old, so do they and just like us, they get cold and experience joint pains at some point in their lives. That’s why, the least we could do for them as their friend and family is to buy a proper bed.

Your dog can probably just sleep on the sofa or your very own bed, but this does compromise hygiene for you and your pooch. Dogs go and roll everywhere. You would also have to take into consideration if they constantly shed and the fur gets everywhere like Chow-Chows, Keeshonds, Corgis, Samoyeds and all their equally adorable and furry cousins. Dogs having their own bed, allows all dirt and fur to be more contained making cleaning much simpler. Easy to wash dog beddings like this three-piece detachable and washable bed set (pictured above) is a definite plus.

Health-wise, dogs also suffer arthritis and this is most prominent with dogs that generally have skinny legs like Greyhounds and German Shepherds. In worst case scenarios, even hypothermia.

What are the things to consider in choosing a dog bedding?

Sleeping Style – Before you go out and buy a bed for your dear pooch, observe how they sleep first. Dogs would either sleep all sprawled out, taking up as much space as they could or would sleep curled up into a ball.

Beds like the Dog House Cotton Folding Dog Bed for Large Dog is a great reference for a bed that could accommodate a dog’s needs regardless of style. If your pooch is generally large in size, the dog would be able to simply sleep sprawled out on the pillow outside the dog house or curl into a ball inside it. The dog house and pillow itself is not limited to the use of large dogs but can be utilized by big ones as well.

Size – Whether the bed you buy can accommodate your dog would be one of the first factors to take into consideration. The size also entails how much body heat your pooch can maintain. Generally, the bigger dogs could retain more heat than their smaller counterparts. And in the colder parts of the world, having a bed that could insulate them properly would be something your pooch will truly appreciate.

Beds like the Collapsible Indoor Pet Dog Warm House offers warmth in the coldest nights. Soft and damp proof beds like this one, also helps in maintaining the desired temperature for your dog.

Dog activity – Just like us, dogs are all unique and different. Some prefer to go out and play in the mud and some just prefer to stay indoors but one thing remains true, they get everywhere and when we say everywhere, we know that it’s every nook and cranny. They can’t help it.

Beds that offer comfort and that are easy to wash like this detachable and washable pet bed set would be for you. It is imperative that your house is able to maintain cleanliness and hygiene and this is also true when it comes to your beloved dogs.

Health, hygiene or simply just a treat for your dog for their undying love and loyalty are all valid reasons to take care of your dog well. At the end of the day, we go to our beds and rest the night away, ready to tackle the next day. Our dogs definitely deserve and need the same things. With the unconditional love they give us, buying them a decent bed is the least we could do.

These different types of beddings for your dear pooch are available in leading pet shops nationwide. For more information on all these unique dog beddings please visit or

About the Author: Christy likes to write about whatever tickles her fancy and loves to document the adventures of her fur baby when she’s not busy going gaga over their crazy antics.

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