Pets are our loyal friends and it’s often said that people who have pets at home feel happier and healthier than those who do not. They can even be the best emotional support in your life.

When we take a pet home we include them into our family, share our things with them and take care of them when they are sick. Grooming is also important and here are some tips for giving your dog a bath.

Prepare the Tub: Fill the bath tub with water. Do not use hot water, it should be lukewarm. Add some small toys to the tub to make it more enjoyable.

Applying the Shampoo: You need to be sure about the shampoo for your dog as every breed has different skin care recommendations. You can ask your vet which shampoo would be good for your dog. If your dog has some skin problems or has sensitive skin then you have to be more careful while choosing shampoo for him. Go for a medicated shampoo after consulting with a doctor. Apply the shampoo gently on his skin and massage it from your hand from head to tail. Do it for a couple of minutes.

• Clean properly: Wash the shampoo properly with plenty of water. Be careful while washing some sensitive body parts such as eyes and ears. Clean your dog properly before drying him.

• Let him Enjoy the bath: Do not force your dog to have a bath but can plan ahead and make them feel more comfortable. Play with him and give him some toys. Do not let them play in the water for too long as they can make them sick.

Dry him gently: Do not dry him harshly. Use a soft towel, not a hairdryer, to dry him gently and and avoid rubbing. You can use conditioner if your dog has long hair. Let him dry naturally.

For more advice when choosing shampoo and helping with behavioural issues in the tub, speak to a qualified professional.

These tips were brought to you by Dog Wash.

This story is a guest submission and does not reflect the views of Dogs Monthly Magazine, always consult a qualified expert.


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