Summer is here! The warm weather, the fresh scent of the trees, and the green turfs make a perfect dog-friendly environment. It is the best time of the year to stay more active and go outdoors. You and your furry pal must have been waiting for the last season to shrug off!

New adventures lie ahead! You definitely want to take advantage of each summer day before it’s over. Have you already planned any fun activities to do with your dog? If you haven’t yet, what ‘pawsome’ things can you and your dog try this summer?

There’s no fun in staying at home all day. And before the boredom takes the day away, we’ve listed six exciting activities to do with your dog this summer.

Take your dog to the beach

The beach is probably the first place you’d think of visiting with your dog. Dogs do love the sandy beach, the cool waters, and the warm breeze as much as we do. For a well-spent summer break, you can take your furry companion out to the beach and let them enjoy digging, swimming, relaxing, and even surfing.

Safety Tip: A day on the beach is supposed to be fun and not a disaster. So, before you head out to the beach, you’ve got to make some preparations. Bring your dog’s collar, leash, and waste bags for a potty break.

If you’re going to go for a swim, keep your dog on a pool float and don’t let him get away too far. Keep an eye on your furry pal at all times and never ever leave them alone.

If your dog is too aggressive, take him to the beach some other time.

Make some frozen treats!

Summer’s heat is no joke. And one of the best ways to cool down a bit is a frozen treat! You can actually just buy for your dog (or yourself, too!) from a grocery store. But isn’t it more fun to make healthy and delicious pupsicles and frozen cubes at home along with your best pal? You can mix and whip all your dog’s favourites among the freshest watermelons, bananas, and strawberries or the tastiest yogurt, peanut butter, and honey!

Safety Tip: You can try to experiment with other ingredients as long as they are healthy and good for your dog. You want your dog to enjoy and not end up with an upset stomach.

Some owners give their dogs ice cream but try to avoid it as much as possible. Most dogs are lactose intolerant and might have stomach problems if they ingest too much dairy products. You can venture on healthy DIY frozen treat recipes to ensure you’re giving the best for your dog.

Stroll around the park

Walking your dog must’ve already been part of your routine. But because the weather’s not always nice and friendly, you might spend less time or probably miss a day of dog-walking. So, when the summer comes, take advantage of it! The warm and cozy weather allows your furry companion to walk at ease and socialise with other dogs around the park.

Safety Tip: During high temperatures, avoid peak times of the day and aim to walk your dog in the morning or evening. Parks are a common place for other dog walkers so it is inevitable to encounter unknown dogs. You should be extra careful when walking around the park. Some dogs are aggressive and don’t know how to socialise with others. Unless your furry pal has met the other dog before, avoid greets during the walk. You can also bring tasty treats.

Have a quick dip in the pool

You can set up an inflatable pool at home or take your dog to a swimming pool. Let your furbaby enjoy the summer splash! It can be a safe water activity, especially for those dogs who aren’t good in swimming. You can use a pool float and let your dog have fun! Nothing feels better than a quick dip in the pool and your dog would love it too!

Safety Tip: Some dogs are afraid of water or aren’t trained well to swim. If your dog doesn’t also like swimming, don’t force it to do so. Instead, you can let it run through the sprinklers or use the water from your garden hose!

Eat out at a dog-friendly café or restaurant

What else is better than eating? Nothing! The pleasure of eating your favourite sumptuous dish makes life more meaningful. Agree? Your dog would definitely nod its head yes, too!

In summer, you’ll have more time to go and eat out and when you do, take your furry companion! Visit dog-friendly cafes and restaurants where you and your dog can eat healthy and appetising food. Eat like there’s no tomorrow! Just kidding. Savour the food but don’t eat too much!

Safety Tip: You can take your furry pal for a quick stroll out in the neighbourhood to find dog-friendly restaurants. There are certainly sweet spots where you can dine in. You can go for patio restaurants or any cafes that have outdoor seating where you can eat more comfortably.

Play fetch out on your lawn

The fields are greener and the skies are brighter during summer! You don’t want to miss that lovely season to play fetch with your dog. It can be on your lawn, on a baseball field, or in the yard. Playing fetch would be an exciting game for your dog. This simple activity can be a good exercise to keep your dog active, healthy, and agile.

Safety Tip: Don’t tire your dog out after long hours of playing. It might be fun but the scorching heat can make him tired very easily. Always take a bottle of water with you and keep your dog hydrated.

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