Clumber Spaniels owners from Northumbria, Cumbria and the Borders are invited to take part in a walk from Allenheads on Sunday 3 September.

The Cumber Spaniel is a native breed of dog that were developed by the Duke of Newcastle in the seventeen hundreds but are now a rare breed with less than 200 puppies born in the UK each year. Barbara Weston one of the organises of walking with Clumbers said, “These Clumber walks, which we organise across the country, provide a rare opportunity for Clumber owners to get together and walk with other Clumbers and their owners. In the case of many pet owners this will be one of the few chances they will have to see their dog running with others of the breed.”

The walks also offer members of the public the chance to meet Clumbers which are the largest of the spaniel breeds and have a gentle, loyal temperament making an ideal family pet. The walkers will meet at the Allenheads town car park outside the museum at 10:30 and will return to the pub for lunch at the Allenheads Inn.

Further information is available on the Walking with Clumbers facebook page of from B Weston 01530 456071, email

Photo: Clumber on Hadrians Wall by R Weston


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