Duncan Lou Who has become recognised around the world for his incredible zest for life. He was born with his rear legs fused together and were later removed as they began to twist his spine. Since then he has become an inspiration to many, with videos of him running playfully alone the beach shared around the world.

His owner Amanda Giese, founder of Panda Paws, a non-profit special needs canine rescue in Washington State, and her fiancé Gary Walters share photos and videos of Duncan with his 120,000 Instagram followers, and he has even featured in a previous issue of Dogs Monthly.

But on Saturday morning, many fans woke up to the terrible news that Duncan Lou Who was missing.

Whilst on a road trip from Yellowstone National Park to Island Park late Friday evening, the family’s vehicle struck a bison on the highway and rolled several times. Amanda, Gary, her two children and one of their dogs remained inside the vehicle, but dogs Duncan Lou Who and Garnett fell out as it rolled. Garnett was found injured but Duncan was no where to be seen.

In an update on Instagram, they wrote, “Please pray for Duncan. We can’t find him. We hit a bison and rolled 3 times. We have searched for 2 hours. We found bullfrog and Garnett. Garnett is hurt pretty bad. I’m losing my mind right now. We are all ok. Amanda may have broken her arm.”

Credit: Instagram/duncanlouwho. Amanda says the vehicle’s bumper, roll cage and seat belts prevented more serious injuries

Frantic, the family began looking but their nighttime search was cut short.

They added, “Update. They are making us leave. Bear , wolves and a dead bison. We cant be out there with out some sort of shelter. We never found him and we don’t have a car to get back there. We are in island park Idaho. Mile marker 403. Hwy 87 and us 20. If anyone knows someone here. We could sure use some help.”

By morning, they were joined by 30 volunteers and split up into search parties. Then, later that day, the moment they had hoped for. A call from a passer-by who had seen a dog running around a rock quarry three miles away. Gary immediately called Amanda who was receiving medical attention for her injuries and the family and search volunteers descended on Fremont County quarry. Duncan was spotted and ran over, but despite a few cuts and dehydration, he was doing OK.

Credit: Instagram/duncanlouwho. Duncan Lou Who was found three miles from the crash. Pictured here with Gary and the search party


An Instagram update said, “Look who is in the middle! Yup, that’s me! Roll five times , get ejected from the car and run 3 miles. Just another day in the life! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the support. These people all spent the entire day looking for me!”

Duncan Lou Who is known around the world as the Boxer who won’t let anything stop him from leading a happy, doggie life

Duncan is now home with his family who have expressed their thanks to all the volunteers who came forward to help.




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