A doggie duo at Dogs Trust Manchester are searching for the ‘pawfect’ owner after they became homeless.

Just like their namesake TV characters, Sooty and Sweep are never far apart and staff at the Denton centre hope they can find a home together.

Sweep loves to play chase with Sooty and would like a garden to play in in their forever home. Credit: Dogs Trust

Dawn Bishop, Dogs Trust Manchester Manager, says, “They are a charming, sweet pair and we would really love to find a new home for them together. They are homeless through no fault of their own so it would be terribly sad if we couldn’t find them a new forever family.

Five-year-old Whippet Cross Sweep has lived with six-year-old Whippet Sooty all his life, and the two love to play together. They need patient owners and could live with children aged eleven or over, but they don’t like to be over handled.

Sooty is wondering when she and best pal Sweep will find their special someone. Credit: Dogs Trust

Dawn adds, “We have had quite a few doggie duos needing homes together in recent months, and sadly that does sometimes mean they are with us a little longer; these two have been waiting for their special someone for almost two months now.

“They really are the best buddies and it’s lovely to see them playing and snuggling up together too. We would be delighted if someone could make room on their sofa for both of them.”

Sooty and Sweep are happiest when they are playing together. credit: Dogs Trust

If you can provide the home Sooty and Sweep are looking for, please call 0300 303 0292 or visit them at Dogs Trust Manchester at Parkway, Denton, Manchester, M34 3SG. To find out more go to www.dogstrust.org.uk


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