As the IAAF World Athletics Championships grip the nation, homeless dogs at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home have been holding a ‘world championship’ sports day of their own.

Staff and dogs alike gathered at the shelter for a series of sport’s day games, including an egg and spoon race, a ‘best fetch’ challenge, and an agility competition with a canine twist.

Ten-month-old Lurcher Randall proved he could give track and field athlete Eilidh Doyle a run for her money in the hurdles, when he comfortably won gold in the agility with his remarkable jumping, weaving and tunnel work, despite never doing agility before.

Randall impressed everyone with his agility skills. Credit: Battersea

Like Bolt, ex-racing Greyhounds Venus and Cherry have both retired from the track. Aged four, they were beaten by their human rivals in the Battersea sack race and were clearly more interested in their post-race treat than winning.

However, fellow Greyhound friend Sam won the egg and spoon race with Battersea’s Lyssa Bautista. Staff were given the challenge of trying to walk a dog while holding an egg and spoon.

Battersea’s Margaret Tierney with Greyhound Sally and Greyhound Sam and Battersea’s Lyssa Bautista compete in the egg and spoon race. Credit: Battersea

One-year-old American Bulldog Nala won the best-fetch competition, catching every single ball. A close runner up was six-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lilly Ann who only missed one ball and walked away with silver.

Battersea’s Margaret Tierney with gold medal winner of Battersea’s Best Fetch competition, Nala. Credit: Battersea

Battersea’s Dog Rehoming and Welfare Manager Becky Fisher said, “If there’s ever a World Athletics Championships for dogs, I think we’d definitely have some strong contenders on team Battersea. While all our athletes were very impressive, Randall the Lurcher was the standout star of the day, proving he really has what it takes to win gold in the agility. Now he and his teammates just need to get over the final hurdle of finding a home.” 

If you are interested in rehoming one of these canine athletes, go to Battersea’s website.


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