The picture shows what looks to be a terrible accident at the grooming salon, but the truth is worse.

Stray dogs on the streets of Navi Mumbai, Western India, have been spotted wandering around with light blue fur. Animal welfare activists claim the blue tint is linked to industrial companies dumping pollution into a nearby river, where the animals drink and swim.

Animal protection officers have urged officials to take action against companies dumping waste into the Kasadi River, which has already been deemed unfit for human consumption.

Local activist Aarti Chauhan has filed a complaint with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB).

Arati Chauhan said, “It was shocking to see how the dog’s white fur had turned completely blue.

“We have spotted almost five such dogs here and have asked the pollution control board to act against such industries.”

MPCB officials say it is illegal to release dyes into the water and they are investigating the matter. MPCB in-charge officer AD Mohekar said, “After receiving the complaint, the MPCB has issued a notice to the company concerned from where the discharge of dye into water body was reported.”

Main photo: Arati Chauhan/Facebook


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