Some dogs are really attractive because of their fur, and you never want to lose any of their hair. Losing dog hair is a natural process, and you can hardly notice it from day to day.

However, if you begin to witness bald patches on the coat of your pet, that’s the moment you should be concerned. It may be just a sign of many common problems that your dog could suffer from.

Addressing the problem early means your little friend can stay healthy.

Top dog health problems

It’s very difficult for dogs to tell you their problems. The following are the most common dog health problems. This allows you to take care of your dog better.


This problem should grab much more attention because it can be fatal. The arteries and heart of your dog can be infected by parasites which result in many problems.

Larvae can transmit into the body of your dog’s, and without proper treatment, larvae will turn into large worms over time. Heartworms may lead to many symptoms which may vary from simple to complicated, such as coughing, collapsing or even depression. The depression in dogs can be shown in their lack of interest in usual activities, for example, they do not greet you at the door anymore.

You can also try to figure out whether your dog is infected or not by noticing dog hair loss. It is a common symptom of heartworms.

The consequence of heartworms includes heart failure or even death. Although the treatment does not always bring success in every case, you are free to choose from a variety of options. Medications or sometimes surgeries can eliminate the parasites which lead to heartworms.

Preventative measures such as injections, oral medications on a daily basis or pill which should be used only once per month, are proven to be very effective in reducing the risk of heartworms.


Obesity is dangerous in human beings, but the dog might face this problem as well. Being overweight has many unwanted influences on your dog’s health, from joint pain to liver disease.

A challenging question raised in our mind is how you can know the appropriate weight for your dogs? There is a tip that you can feel your dog’s ribs and backbone without pressing. Normally, you ought to think about giving your regular dog exercise as well as a balanced diet. Food which is too calorie-dense should be kept far away from the diet. Treats or snacks might be helpful to train your dog sometimes, but they will have negative effects in the long term.

Diarrhoea and Vomiting

These two problems may come from many different cases. However, you should be concerned about infections, namely, parvovirus. The consumption of inappropriate foods is another common cause of diarrhoea and vomiting. Dogs usually put many things in their mouth, and this is a possible catalyst.

When this problem occurs for over one day, it is important to consult some professional advice. In particular, if you notice the appearance of blood along with these symptoms, it is crucial to get help from a veterinarian.

Diarrhoea can be handled by stopping giving your dog food during the first 12 or 24 hours.

Skin Problems

Parasites and infections are among the first causes you should think about if your dog has any skin problems. On the other hand, allergies are as common in dogs as in human beings. Rashes and itchiness may emerge as a consequence of dust mites, pollen or foods.

It is quite simple to notice ticks or fleas on your little friend. Dog hair loss is worth your concern as well. To treat this problem, you can resort to special medicated shampoos.


Overall, these are common problems that your dog is highly exposed to. Addressing them early on will give you comfort later. More importantly, the prevention is highly appreciated to help your dog avoid all annoying symptoms.

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