Surrounded by love. Trooper with his new forever family

A dog that was described as Dogs Trust Leeds’ worst case of neglect in 30 years has finally found a happy ending after being adopted by an ex-soldier.

Earlier this summer, a Lhaso Apso was carried into the York Road rehoming centre after being found on the streets of Leeds. His fur was so badly matted that his front legs had fused to his face and his skin had been pulled away from his eyes.He had to be anaesthetised to enable the vet to shave off the matted fur all over his body and was on a drip for three days, receiving painkillers and treatment for his damaged skin, eyes and ears.

Trooper after arriving at the rehoming centre

Within weeks, Trooper, named as ‘he’d been through the wars’, underwent a complete transformation and has now found love with a family from Halifax.

Former soldier Allan Bottemley and his wife, Sandy, from Halifax who both knew they wanted to give the six-year-old the home he deserved after hearing about the heart-breaking ordeal he’d been through.

Surrounded by love. Trooper with his new forever family

Allan says, “When we heard his story, Sandy had tears rolling down her face and I was so angry. We have had four rescue dogs in the past and we just knew we wanted to look after him and help him recover from everything he had been through.”

Amanda Sands, Dogs Trust Leeds manager, says, “We had an incredible number of people get in touch with us wanting to offer him a home but he needed a quiet, adult only home with patient, experienced owners who were around all the time and could help build his confidence and trust after everything he’d been through.

“Allan and Sandy ticked all the boxes and we’re absolutely delighted that he is now surround by love and all the home comforts he deserves.”

The little fighter now enjoys several walks a day, plays in the garden of his Halifax home, has regained weight and is generally loving life.

Allan adds, “We called him Trooper as he had really been through the wars but you wouldn’t really know it to look at him now! He is marvellous. He is learning to play which is wonderful to see and he has really giddy moments, which is fantastic. Understandably he doesn’t like to be left on his own so there is always someone with him and he doesn’t like too much fuss, so when he wants peace and quiet he pops off to one of his two beds!

“When we went along to Dogs Trust Leeds we didn’t know if we would be the right family for him but luckily we were. A dog is for life and Trooper is now definitely very much a part of our family. We can’t imagine life without him.”

See Trooper’s amazing transformation in the video below.


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