Seven week old golden retriever puppy outdoors on a sunny day.

Eukanuba’s Veterinary Expert Kellie Ceccarelli shares her top tips for supporting your new addition.

Getting a puppy is a hugely exciting time for the whole family. However, to give puppies the best start you need to ensure you provide them with premium nutrition and appropriate care to keep them happy and healthy for life.

If you haven’t yet chosen a puppy but it’s something you’ve been thinking about make sure you do your research so you pick a breed that is suited to your lifestyle. Eukanuba recently launched Breed-o-pedia, an online tool which provides a wealth of breed options from those most suited to smaller homes and families with children to owners with limited mobility.

Once you’ve selected the best breed for you and your family, check out the below tips to help ensure you have everything you need to welcome your puppy into your life.

Providing premium nutrition for visible benefits with a lifelong impact

Many factors in a puppy’s life will have an effect on their overall well-being and future with nutrition being one of the key factors that needs to be considered in order to help give puppies a strong nutritional foundation.

Eukanuba’s Puppy range provides a 100% complete and balanced diet with high-quality animal protein so there is no need for any additional products or supplements. The special formula nurtures smooth digestion through natural fibres, contains tailored levels of calcium to encourage healthy growth for all breeds and through the inclusion of DHA from fish oils supports brain development. In addition, the natural blend of antioxidants helps to build a puppy’s natural defences, and omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids promote a healthy skin and coat.

If you choose a puppy from one of Eukanuba’s Breeder Club members you’ll also receive a special Eukanuba Puppy pack which includes a 1kg bag of puppy food together with a measuring cup, puppy information book and money off voucher.

Microchipping with Petlog

It is now the law for all dogs to be microchipped and the correct contact details regularly updated helping you to be quickly reunited with your dog should you lose them. You’ll need to get this done by the time your puppy is eight weeks old to avoid being fined. Microchipping is available for free through Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Blue Cross centres and Dogs Trust but your vet will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Creating a safe and comfortable environment

Puppies always need to have fresh water available so make sure you buy feeding bowls which are not easily tipped over during a puppy’s more playful moments. A comfortable dog bed is also essential as it’s important your puppy feels happy and safe when you’re not around helping them to settle in much more quickly.

Choosing a name

This can be the most exciting part of owning a new puppy however, there are a few tips to ensure you select a name that won’t confuse your pet. Choose a name that is short and no longer than two-syllables. Also, encourage your family members to avoid using any nicknames to avoid any confusion whilst your puppy is learning.

Visit your local vet

Providing pets with the appropriate care they need to live an extraordinary life is an important part of ownership. That’s why it’s hugely important to visit your local vet with your new puppy as soon as possible. Not only will this introduce veterinary visits to your puppy from an early age but also gives the vet the opportunity to check for any health issues, abnormalities, or birth defects.

Overall, getting a new puppy is extremely exciting but during this time some of the more important steps of responsible pet ownership can be forgotten. However, by following the steps above you can ensure that you give your puppy a great start allowing them to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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