Responsible Dog Ownership Day, which takes place this Saturday (16th September), encourages owners to consider the well-being of their pets and those who may be affected by them.

To mark the day, Debenhams Personal Finance have released findings from their data which showed that just 35 per cent of dogs under 24 months are insured, leaving owners of young dogs at risk of high vet bills.

The most common claims for pet insurance are skin related illnesses such as allergies or dermatitis, stomach problems such as diarrhea and gastric illness and even unpredictable events such as injuries to dogs’ ear and paws all of which can lead to an unforeseen bill.

The data also showed the top dog breeds insured in 2017 which included the Labrador Retriever, Cocker Spaniel and Shih Tzu.

Andy Newman, Head of Personal Finance at Debenhams, said, “Lifetime pet insurance cover can provide peace of mind to pet owners. Even with an annual policy – as long as you continue to renew each year – long term conditions will continue to be covered. Therefore, it’s clearly beneficial to take out pet insurance as soon as your new pet comes home, whatever their breed, as illness can unfortunately strike our pets at any age – not just when they’re older.

“The most common claims tend to be skin or stomach related and these are issues that are often overlooked when it comes to insurance but can still rack up a substantial bill at the vets and leave owners out of pocket. Debenhams Pet Insurance offers customers the option of both lifetime and annual cover to ensure you are fully covered, so there are options to suit every pet and their owner.”


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