A dog who was abandoned and spent six days running around a park and avoiding humans has finally found his perfect forever home.

Five-year-old Rudy, a sighthound mix, was discovered by several members of the public wandering around Gladstone Park in North West London on one of the hottest weeks of the year.

Mayhew’s Head of Animal Welfare, Zoe Edwards, said, “We were first alerted to Rudy when four members of the public called Mayhew to say they had spotted a stray dog roaming around Gladstone Park.

“Rudy was so scared that every time someone went near him, he would run away. That week it had been very hot outside, so we advised that members of the public leave out bowls of water for him to help keep him hydrated.”

Rudy when he was first brought in to Mayhew. Credit: Mayhew

It was only when he became extremely tired and weak from the hot weather, that a local dog warden was able to go near enough and eventually brought him in to Mayhew.

Zoe Edwards adds, “On arrival Rudy was extremely thin and he had sores all over his body, so our vet team immediately checked him over.”

Rudy was given a health check and made to feel comfortable. Mayhew’s Vet, Dr. Emma Robinson, said, “As he’d been running loose for six days, poor Rudy had sore feet with big painful tangled clumps of fur between his pads and he was extremely thin and weak.

“His skin was in a terrible condition and his fur was also knotted, so we prescribed him medicated baths and antibiotics for his infected skin, as well as parasite treatment.

“After a week, his skin looked much better and we were able to vaccinate and neuter him. Rudy also had a haircut and now looks very handsome. He has been extremely sweet and well-mannered throughout his whole ordeal.”

Rudy with Mayhew kennel assistant Eric. Credit: Mayhew

After receiving the care and attention he needed, Rudy was back on his paws in no time. His friendly and sweet-natured character soon shone through and he quickly found a new home.


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