A decade is a long time for a human; for a dog, it’s almost an entire lifetime. This is how long it took for German Shepherd Floyd to find his forever home.

Floyd came into the care of the Freshfields Animal Rescue as a pup. He’d had a terrible start in life, living in a yard and tormented by children, who often threw stones at him. This sadly left a mark: according to the rescue’s staff, it took years of gentle handling before the traumatised dog came to trust them. As interacting with people was very stressful, Floyd was difficult to rehome, and the fact he refused to get inside anybody’s vehicle made things all the more complicated.

Somebody with much patience and experience would be required, and the staff was willing to keep him at the rescue for as long as it would take to find him a suitable home. Among them was Louis, Floyd’s walker. With plenty of experience with dogs, he would have loved to adopt him, but couldn’t do so for a long time due to the other pets in his home. Eventually, however, the situation changed.

Amy Hornsby, one of the kennel workers who cared for Floyd, said, “Over the past couple of months, we had had been concerned that Floyd’s health was starting to deteriorate. A date was set for him to go into the Veterinary Hospital for further tests. Although Floyd’s tests all came back clear, we could not rule out the possibility that something else was going on. After the passing of Louis’ beloved cat, the idea of him ‘going home’ became a possibility. We wondered if Floyd would adjust to living in a home after spending so many years at the Rescue Centre. We felt that if anyone could make it work, it was Louis.

“Moving day dawned, and we managed to get Floyd in the van, with all his favourite toys and blanket, and two members of staff took him to Louis’ home. We introduced Floyd to the garden at first. As soon as he saw Louis he was instantly at ease and trotted straight into the house!”

Floyd has since settled wonderfully in his new home, and has reportedly evicted Louis from his favourite armchair. After all, he does deserve a comfy resting place for his retirement.

Helen Stanbury, Freshfields’ manager, says, “At Freshfields we never give up on any dog. Giving love, care and affection to dogs like Floyd is our privilege. We could not give our rescued animals the hope they need without the support of our local community.

“Unfortunately, stories like Floyd’s are all too familiar to us. The challenges of working with dogs who have suffered neglect and abuse takes an emotional toll on our dedicated staff on the front line, as you could imagine.  Please help us to restore their faith in human nature by supporting us if you can, with the funds to help us do the right thing for the animals.

“Thank you on their behalf!”

Images by Freshfields Animal Rescue.


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