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I had taken my cockapoo, Luna, on holiday with me before, but finding the ideal accommodation with a dog-friendly garden and plenty of places to go for walks never proves easy. This summer, myself, my partner and Luna booked a cottage in Lincolnshire, not too far from Skegness, that promised to be the perfect place for a holiday with a dog, and certainly didn’t disappoint.

The first thing we noticed when we arrived at the cottage was the garden; much, much bigger than ours at home – and fully fenced so I could let Luna out to roam without worrying about her escaping – it offered the perfect place for a dog, and the surrounding area was quiet and relaxed, with a herd of cows in the field next door – much to the amusement of Luna!

A large fenced garden is perfect for any family with a dog

A day at the beach

Beaches are perfect for dogs – and the weather we enjoyed during our stay was lovely – and the beach close to us was just a ten-minute drive. Most beaches nowadays have designated areas where dogs can and cannot go – so make sure you check those out before you let your dog roam – and we soon found the right place to let Luna explore. Needless to say, she loved it, and even overcame her fear of water and enjoyed jumping over the waves. Luna loves fetch but here she went into overdrive, and simply never stopped playing. It’s a great place for dogs, so worth having a look at.

I did have concerns that, being in a strange place, Luna might be a little unnerved at night, and I was proven right when she began barking after we had gone to bed. To solve this, we did what we never do at home, and let her up on the bed – well, she was on holiday! It worked a treat, and we got a good night’s sleep.

Luna enjoying a day at the beach

Dining Out

When we chose the cottage, we looked for things to do in the area, and also for recommended places to enjoy a meal. This part of Lincolnshire is close to some very pleasant towns and villages, and we found plenty of country pubs and local restaurants to try. My worry was that, when we left her alone to go out for the evening, Luna would become agitated.

On returning we checked through the window and she was flat out asleep; an entire day playing at the beach probably helped, but at least I was reassured that she could be left alone without me needing to worry about her.

Luna was ‘dog tired’ after a day at the beach

This holiday was a revelation in that we found excellent accommodation in an ideal spot, close to local amenities and yet in a quiet and tranquil place, at a sensible price – and we could take the dog! Not everywhere is dog-friendly, but the owners of this cottage have gone out of the way to make sure dogs are welcome, safe and secure. Plus, it’s cheaper than putting them in kennels, and you get to enjoy your dog while you’re on holiday, too.

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