Once upon a time, there were two dogs called Millie and Gyp, living at Freshfields Animal Rescue.

They loved each other dearly and wanted to find a home together. They were eight years old, affectionate and adorable, and wanted to find a home where they could cuddle up together forever.

Millie was the ‘pretty one’, a gorgeous Deerhound cross with fluffy hair and a winning smile. Poor Gyp was seen by some as the ‘ugly duckling’ of the pair, with a gammy leg and some aches and pains. Gyp had no feeling in his front leg due to an accident, and the vet says he might lose the leg one day.

Lots of people wanted to adopt Millie, but they didn’t want to take her beloved Gyp too.

Millie and Gyp’s human friends at the Kennels knew that Gyp was a stunning swan on the inside, even if he was a bit quirky on the outside. They were desperate to keep this inseparable pair together, in a home where they could snuggle up together in the same bed, like they did when they lived with their previous owner who sadly couldn’t care for them any more.

As time went on, Millie and Gyp were becoming sad in the Kennels, and although they knew it would be devastating for them, their human carers knew they might have to take the heartbreaking step of splitting them up.

And then…

What happened next? We don’t know, because this tale has still to be told. Your readers, viewers and listeners have the chance to write a happy ending for Millie and Gyp. This is their last chance to find a home together. Please help us to make their dream come true.

If you can find room in your heart and your home, please give Millie and Gyp the chance of joy and love in the autumn of their lives.

Please contact the Kennels on 0151 931 1604 or email kennels@freshfields.org.uk. To see their profile, go to www.freshfields.org.uk.

Thank You.

Images and words by Freshfields Animal Rescue.


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