Dogs are wonderful, and they are an important part of our families and lives. We want what’s best for them, and often that means the best food (in fact, my dog eats better than I do!), the best toys, and quality products and services for everything that involve your canine companion.

There is one area where we may be falling short on the care of our dogs: the work day. Unfortunately, we have to work for a living, and our dogs likely stay home all day either crated or alone to roam the house. As social animals, dogs thrive best when they are interacting with creatures — human and animal alike — throughout their day.

As much as we would love to be able to bring our dogs to work with us, for their and our benefits, the majority of companies have not gotten onboard with pets in the office. The next best thing we can do is to seek out doggie day care.

What is Doggie Day Care?

Doggie day care is just what it sounds like: day care for dogs. Rather than being left to their own devices all day, dogs can be taken care of through different services. This is really helpful for dogs who get destructive or depressed from too much alone time.

There are a couple of ways you can seek out day care for your dog that will fit the needs of you and your dog.

Day Camp

There are facilities where you can drop your dog off before work, and you dog will spend the day playing with other dogs and getting plenty of exercise under the watchful eye of experienced staff. This option is great for big dogs with high energy who tend to suffer the most from being cooped up inside all day.

There are a few things you want to think about before signing up for doggie day camp. The most important thing to worry about, though, is if your dog is ready for an environment with other several other dogs. If your dog is other-dog friendly, then a day camp is the perfect choice for them to socialise and burn energy. If your dog is a little hesitant towards other dogs, a day camp may be the perfect place for the trained staff to help get your dog become comfortable with interacting with other dogs in a positive environment. If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, a doggy day camp is likely not the right kind of daycare for your dog.

In-House Care

For those who have dogs that are too dog-aggressive, or for people who don’t live near a doggy day camp, another great option for day care is in-home care. There are many options for paying someone to come to your house and take care of your dog for a couple of hours during the day. They can do any number of things such as take your dog for a walk, play with them, feed them, and administer any medications they may need.

This is also a great option for long-term care when you are out of town on business or vacation. You can hire someone to watch your house and your pets, and they can try to keep their routine as normal as possible to reduce the stress of separation from you. There is even a business where you can send your dog for his own little vacation at someone’s house for optimal care.

The care of your furry family members every day is of the utmost importance. Leaving your canine companion at home alone all day may be convenient, but is not the best thing for their mental and physical wellbeing. Check out some doggie day care options that are the best fit for you and your dog. Or maybe even start a doggie day care of your own! Being your own boss and working with dogs all day sounds like a pretty great life to me!

This story is a guest submission and does not reflect the views of Dogs Monthly Magazine, always consult a qualified expert.


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