A new light therapy treatment, used to ease symptoms of arthritis and other painful mobility conditions, will be used to help the dogs of homeless owners. 

The not-for-profit voluntary run Dogs On The Streets London (DOTS), a project which brings vital vet support to the homeless community through its ‘regular static street-run stations’, will be integrating Photizo at its stations across London.

Founded by director, Michelle Clark, in March 2017, the project will now be able to offer the treatment along with its other service, which include veterinary check up, on-going  care for chronic conditions and emergency care in the event of an accident or trauma.

Michelle explains, “These street dogs literally mean everything to their homeless owners. Being out in all weathers and sleeping rough takes its toll. Many are senior Staffordshire Bull Terriers that suffer in the cold and become painfully stiff. With winter approaching I was looking for a solution to help in addition to anti-inflammatories.

“The dogs are so stoic, they will carry on regardless, not to let this homeless owners down. I am keen to embrace all means of helping our dogs from conventional medicines to herbs and homeopathy. I was interested to learn more about Photizo’s potential, particularly in its ability to reduce pain naturally.”

Ruth Milner, MD of Danetre Health Products, sole UK distributor for Photizo Vetcare, explains, “Photizo is the result of years of research. It uniquely combines the latest advances in LED technology to offer a modern Phototherapy device, which is safe and simple for anyone to use. It would help DOTS in alleviating stiff, arthritic symptoms naturally, but it would also accelerate healing for cut paws from debris and wear and tear on London’s streets.”

Helping Babe

Anne Wright, from Mimram Veterinary Centre in Hertfordshire, is one of the registered veterinary nurses who works voluntarily for DOTS. She has tried Photizo on Babe, and says, “Having attended the training seminar on Photizo, I was keen to start using it and see the results.  The idea of red-light therapy was relatively new to me; however, I was looking forward to seeing how the street dogs reacted to it.  

“Babe, a 10-year-old Staffie who suffers from quite severe osteoarthritis in her legs was the first dog I wanted to try Photizo on. Babe appeared to welcome the red light on both hind and fore limbs as I focused on her joints, she seemed to visibly relax and enjoy the light therapy, indicating in my opinion some degree of relief from her arthritic pain.  

“Photizo Vetcare is fairly new to our stations but I’m excited to see the ongoing effects of incorporating it into our regular treatment plans for some of the dogs. If it can provide some much needed pain relief for them and potentially help to reduce some of their doses of anti-inflammatory pain-killers that would be hugely beneficial for them in the long term.”

Since its launch in 2013, Photizo Vetcare has helped vets, vet nurses, and animal physiotherapists offer non-invasive, natural healing across a host of musculoskeletal conditions as well as accelerating the wound healing process.


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