Beanie, a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, found himself in rescue very early in life. At only eight weeks, he had already been brought to Mayhew as he was “no longer wanted”.

To make matters worse, something was clearly wrong with his right eye: it looked a different colour and a health check found it was severely infected.

Mayhew Vet, Emily Richardson, said: “When Beanie first arrived, he had a severe eye infection on his right eye that had resulted in deep corneal ulceration. It was so bad that we were considering removing the eye.

“However, with very intensive eye treatment for four weeks, which included serum treatment every two hours, lubrication and antibiotic ointment, and pain relief, the eye slowly began to heal.”

“We are not sure how it got to that state; it may have been due to physical trauma for example, causing damage to the surface of the eye, which then progressed to a bacterial infection.”

“Beanie will always have a scar present on the surface of his eye as a result, but he is very happy and playful and was quickly off pain medication.”

Now vaccinated and neutered, Beanie is ready to go to a loving home. If you think you can provide that home, visit Mayhew’s website or call 020 8962 8000.

Images and video by Mayhew.


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