My dog gets quite agitated on bonfire night, and last year he went right off his food and wouldn’t eat at all. Should I feed him something different, like chicken, that he might find tastier, or do you have any other advice about feeding that might be worth trying?

John Burns advises…

It might be worth trying home-cooking during this period. Fish can be good for dogs that are anxious, as it is high in tryptophan and leads to an increase in the calming hormone serotonin being produced in the dog’s brain. Oats are also high in tryptophan, so a small amount of porridge may also help.

If you change his diet to add these in, I would recommend that you do it as soon as possible, so that he gets used to the food before bonfire night. If you find something he really likes, you could fill a Kong with it, which will also help to distract him.

It may also be worth having a chat with your vet or dog trainer about other ways to calm him down over bonfire night.


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